Mark Starcher, president of Scanmark LTD, will be teaching a Secure Programming in the Cloud course this spring for the University of Maryland, University College.

IRS LTR Bubble Chart Released

Scanmark has released a new data analytics chart allowing users to gauge the relative strength or weakness of a Private Letter Ruling based on an analysis of the ruling’s text. The end user can visualize any ruling by code section and compare the outcomes.

Scanmark Introducing Data Analytics for US Government Contract Appeals

Scanmark LTD will be releasing a new analytics product that provides access to raw administrative court data. The service, GovContractCrunch, will allow users to review decisions from the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals and other admin agencies including the GAO. In addition, the service will use language APIs to discern case outcomes and track tendencies among judges and agencies. The service is scheduled to be released the first of October.