Welcome to Scanmark LTD. The firm has provided web technology services to a variety of governmental, educational and private entity businesses since 1989.

About Scanmark

Scanmark was founded in 1989 to provide document conversion services for Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis.  Scanmark initially converted IRS and DOD materials. Conversion efforts later expanded to include a variety of court-related materials.

In 1996 the firm expanded its services to include application development. These application services include local and web-based access to large document collections.

In 2001 the firm expanded its business to provide security-related services for local and remote access to shared data resources.

Data Analytics

The graphic below provides insights into taxpayer success in the US Tax Court for decisions issued in 2017. You may select results based on the type of case, the judge who wrote the opinion and the type of issue considered.

The following provides insights into written determinations and the success rate by taxpayers when seeking rulings.


Scanmark LTD is located at 6606 Tina Lane McLean VA. The telephone number is 202 527-9634. The primary email contact address is mark@scanmark.com.

Tech Blog

Rapidminer Adopted for use by Scanmark

Rapidminer, a well known data analytics platform, has been adopted by Scanmark LTD for use in legal predictive analytics. The application provides numerous plug-ins that allow users to leverage the power of big data tools such as Hadoop and R and present results in a variety of graphical formats.