Language Analytics Used in Gauging Decision Trends

Scanmark has developed a computational linguistics program that allows the parsing of case law to determine trends. Presented below is a sample application that parsed a series of cases dealing with workers compensation. The interactive graph shows the decision tendencies between claimant and business.

Scanmark Developing Virtual File Room – Records Room for Digital Access

Scanmark LTD is developing a new virtual file room product for use by the legal, medical and law enforcement industries. The product will allow end users the ability to review documents in a convenient browser-based application and avoid the time consuming task of retrieving paper documents. This, in turn, will allow providers of information to free up space currently being devoted to storing and displaying paper documents.

Scanmark Providing Data Analytic Services

Scanmark LTD is providing predictive data analytic services to the legal services industry using open source software. Scanmark hosts, a web site that provides same-day access to documents released by the IRS and the US Tax Court.

In addition to the search and browse functions, this site provides analytic metrics on each ruling and decision, analyzing pro-taxpayer and pro-government language in these documents.